University of Kwazulu-Natal Medical School

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The UKZN Medical School MSA is the sole representative body for Muslim students on our campus. Using Allah SWT as our goal, the Quran as our constitution, the Prophet Muhammad SAW as our example, striving in the path of Allah as our means, and attaining Jannah as the highest of our aspirations, we function as a youth movement that strives to facilitate the development of pro-active, God-conscious and compassionate Muslims. We aim to educate the campus society, both Muslim and Non-Muslim, and the greater society in general, on various Islamic moral, social and cultural values whilst striving to best imbibe these in ourselves. We facilitate the training of youth to empower and equip them to play a significant role in society to serve as future leaders in all aspects of life. We aim to provide a home for students where they can best utilize their skills and talents to identify and address the needs of the community whilst providing a platform in which students can connect with Allah, and

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