What is MSA

The Muslim Students Association was established in 1973. Alhamdulillah it has grown to be one of the largest student representative bodies in South Africa. The MSA aims to assist in developing students and creating an active citizenship. This is done by developing structures to create a national and influential student representative body, leadership development programmes, advocating for social, political and economic justice through campaigns, social projects and humanitarian initiatives that are all student based and run by students themselves.


Advancing "Project Islam" by representing, networking and developing Muslim youth in South Africa


  • To develop students through facilitating experiences that increase Ilm (Knowledge) that leads to Tazkiya (self-improvement and purification) in order to attain Taqwa (God Consciousness)
  • To produce leaders in all spheres of society dedicated to service of Allah (SWT) and His creation.
  • To be a representative organization for Muslim students in South Africa engaging in national dialogue
  • Dedicating ourselves to working with honour, distinction and efficiency by embodying Adl and ihsaan (justice and excellence)
  • To be a sustainable organisation that creates a viable succession plan for the future of the organisation. The MSA aims to motivate and encourage active citizenship by advocating for social, economic, political and environmental responsibility
  • To create unity by providing a platform for all MSA chapters to network and to work towards common goals and objectives
  • To promote the establishment of effectively functioning MSA chapters in every institute of higher learning in South Africa
  • To critically engage institutional policy in the interest of a conducive environment for students
  • To be an active participant in national and international forums.
  • To be an organisation that is transparent, accountable and accessible.


MSA Union is mandated by our policy documents to:
  • Implement the MSA Union strategic plan
  • Ensure governance of the MSA Union
  • Facilitate the formation of MSA committees on campuses in South Africa where ever a need may arise
  • Create unity by providing a platform for all MSA constituencies to liaise and work towards common vision, mission and goals.
  • Facilitate the elections of all MSA committees
  • Advocate for social and political justice and economic emancipation within South Africa
  • Form part of a global network of Muslim students
  • Promote the MSA brand and create a positive image of Muslims in South Africa
  • Ensure succession and sustainability of the MSA